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Our Support Network

Kanahau Wildlife Conservation has ongoing collaborations or MOU with leading international and national partners in environmental management, community education and outreach,  biodiversity research and species conservation.


Program of Conservation for Bats in Honduras (PCMH)

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Mesoamerican and Caribbean Network for the Conservation of
Amphibians and Reptiles

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Anoline Lizard Specialist Group (IUCN / SSC ALSG)

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Iguana Specialist Group (IUCN / SSC  ISG)

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National Institute of Forest Conservation and Development (ICF), Honduras


General Directorate of the Merchant Marine, Honduras

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Alliance for Zero Extinction (AZE)

Client 7

Staff and Student Alumini

The work we have done and continue to do, would not be possible without the incredible researchers who join us.

As a collective, we all work towards shared goals and recognise the contributions of our team.

We owe great thanks to our growing network of collaborators and supporters.


Cristina Arrivillaga

Staff Herpetologist & Entomologist

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