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Kanahau Wildlife Conservation NGO

For the love of biodiversity

Kanahau Wildlife Conservation is a newly registered NGO based in Honduras; a non-profit network of environmentalists focused on biodiversity research and conservation . We are the official parent organization of the Kanahau Utila Research and Conservation Facility (KURCF), which has been established on Utila Island since 2012. 


We primarily study the terrestrial and marine biodiversity of the Bay Islands to catalogue species occurrence, assess population status and promote the conservation of threatened species and ecosystems. In addition, we collaborate with local partners to develop species action plans and lead environmental education outreach programs.  


We welcome interns and researchers from all scientific disciplines and fields to join us.

Please find more information about Kanahau below.

Contact us by email with any questions!

About Us: Welcome

What we do!

Wildlife Conservation is not just a job, its a way of life ...

Kanahau’s Vision is to identify keystone species with a focus on threats to their environment, understand how to better manage natural resources of the Bay Islands, and to encourage environmental-friendly sustainable practices. As a wildlife-conservation research-orientated organisation, we work alongside a growing network of volunteers, professional academics and organisations to facilitate the following objectives!

1) Identifying keystone species with a focus on threats to their environment:

  • Engage in primary research of the flora and fauna of Utila

  • Catalogue and manage long-term biodiversity datasets

  • Publish scientific peer-reviewed articles in the journal literature

  • Collaborate with local and international institutions to conduct cooperative research and implement conservation action across the Bay Islands 

2) Understand how to better manage natural resources:

  • Develop long-term, sustainable environmental management plans

  • Conduct environmental impact studies

  • Form protected nature reserves

  • Develop relationships with local and national governmental agencies to enforce existing environmental laws and assist in the development of future protective legislation

3) Involve and educate the community to engage in sustainable practices:

  • Develop cooperative relationships with local public and private schools

  • Provide hands-on school activities designed to nurture a connection between the children and their environment

  • Raising environmental awareness, species recognition and an understanding of ecosystem function within the community

  • Provide an avenue to raise tourist awareness of local ecological issues


Our young team have dedicated most of their adult lives to studying the biodiversity of Honduras. We have found that the most effective conservation solutions are those that involve the local people who are most affected by the problem; for these reasons, we work closely with local people, businesses and like-minded organisations to promote positive environmental change throughout Honduras.

Our motto, the key to species conservation is collaboration.

Putting this into action, Kanahau has ambitious plans to encourage, inspire and enable the next generation of conservation biologists, by providing a foundation from which to further widespread conservation action for threatened species in Mesoamerica.  

About Us: About

Why are we doing this?

Nature is calling for change!

Utila has seen something of a tourist boom over the last two decades centered around the recreational dive industry. This has bought several mixed blessings to the island. One of the more worrying and negative of these is the habitat destruction caused by urban expansion and new tourist resorts/developments, which is threatening much of the islands biodiversity and endemic species.


Kanahau's mission is to study and better understand the ecosystems on the island with the objective of identifying the areas that are under threat and most in need of protection. In the immediate future, we urgently hope to raise funds to purchase and privately protect biodiversity hotspots and key habitats. These can be designated as guarded nature reserves, providing eco-employment opportunities for local people and public access strictly for the intent of appreciation, education and conservation. Kanahau is working towards the establishment of long-term scientific biodiversity monitoring programs and active conservation management for the species present.


We cannot do it alone, we need your support! If you cannot join us on Utila, why not consider donating to our cause. Any additional funding we receive via generous contribution is put directly into our research, schools and community outreach, conservation activities, with donors receiving photographs and a report stating exactly how their contribution was used. 

Donate Today
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About Us: Our Mission

Contact Us

Kanahau Utila Research & Conservation Facility, Pumpkin Hill Road, Utila Islas de la Bahía, Honduras 34201

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