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Kickstart your Career in Conservation

Internship in Neotropical Research and Conservation

Inspiring and training conservationists of the future

The Kanahau Wildlife Conservation Internship focuses on delivering a broad understanding of the complex issues facing species and ecosystems on the Caribbean Island of Utila, and trains each intern in research techniques and concepts applicable to worldwide conservation issues.

Wondering what to expect when you start our internship program? 

As part of this Internship, you will become an integral part of our team by actively assisting in all our on-going field studies and activities. In doing so, you have opportunity to learn from both staff and student researchers as they collect a wide range of data on different species through various field projects. Participants will assist in various long-term biodiversity monitoring projects, that includes training in various methodologies to research populations of reptiles (Lizards, Snakes and Iguanas), Bats (Mist-net and Cave Surveys) and Invertebrates (Arachnids, Insects, Crustaceans and Molluscs). Alongside active field research, interns will be asked to take on a supervised mini research project during the length of their stay, which focuses on helping students develop skills such as data analysis, scientific writing and media publication. 

You do not need to have prior experience to join this programme, only a willingness to learn and be involved in an environmental movement, or contribute to/support our long-term scientific biodiversity study.  Interns will be trained in research methodologies, receive lectures on island flora and flora, general ecology, species identification, assist in fieldwork, undertake mini-projects and take part in our education and community outreach programmes. Our internship programme aims to deliver a well rounded, fun and interactive conservation experience, from which participants gain a greater appreciation, knowledge and skill-set applicable to biodiversity monitoring.

Internships begin on the 1st of every month between March - September, and run for a duration of 3 weeks. The total cost of our internship is $1050. This includes accommodation, three vegetarian meals per day, and on-island transport for ferry/airport pick-up and drop-off. During this time you will be trained by experts in all our research activities, explore and survey different areas/species of the island each day and become confident in implementing studies of various biodiversity research. 

If you want to continue exploring Utila with us, learning, honing your skills, developing your own research project after completing your internship, you can extend the length of your stay at the Kanahau facility for the cost of $275 per week (pay as you stay basis). 

See a detailed schedule of activities covered by our Internship below! (coming soon)

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