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Martijn Van de Schoot

"A fun atmosphere is the core of Kanahau. For me this is a really important part"

Martijn Van de Schoot

Nationality: Dutch

Age: 19 years old

Student of Applied Biology

Has Den Bosh University of Applied Sciences

Placement: Behavioral Study in the Ctenosaura bakeri

Time length: 5 months

Kanahau had immediately drawn my attention when I read about it on-line at Global Nomadic Project. The range of things to focus on was very broad, and a lot had to do with my particular interest: Reptiles.

A fun atmosphere is the core of Kanahau. For me this is a really important part. Connection with the two directors Steve and Andrea is really close, and they form the core of the project. Together they make a good team and are able to tackle any problems.

From all the things I have done with Kanahau, the most fun ones were the long hikes with not really any objective, and the camping trips we did to catch bats in places that are too remote to go to in one evening or morning.

The Island itself is a nice place with good weather (depending on the season though, it could rain for most of a month in rainy season). There are a lot of pretty places to go to and things to explore. Doing an Open Water dive course on days off is recommended for the underwater world is very pretty and the course about as cheap as it gets. Also make Steve give you a tour through the bat caves! The ferry to Utila is notorious to make people sick (a.k.a. the nightmare ferry) so if you suffer motion sickness, make sure to take some precautions if the sea is rough.

You will most definitely have a good time!

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