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Thijmen Scholten

"Enjoy the time while you are here because time goes fast here and is over far too quickly"

Thijmen Scholten

Nationality: Dutch

Age: 19 years old

Student of Applied Biology

Has Den Bosh University of Applied Sciences

Placement: Home Range of the Ctenosaura bakeri

Time length: 5 months

Hi, I am Thijmen Scholten a 19 year old student from the Netherlands. I study Applied biology at the Has Den bosh. My friend Martijn who also is doing his internship with Kanahau told me about Kanahau. For Kanahau I am doing a study on the difference in home range between males and females of the Utila spiny-tailed Iguana. This will be measured using radio-telemetry gear. It is really cool to track down the Iguana's using telemetry in such a beautiful habitat as the mangroves.

My advice to someone who is coming to Utila is to try to see/do as much as possible. Do activities such as: diving, snorkeling, visiting the Jade Seahorse, relaxing at the keys, visit the bat caves and the fresh water caves by the power station, walk up Pumpkin Hill, watch the sunset at Stewarts Hill and definitely do the Rock Harbour walk.

While you are on Utila you must try Baleada's (a typical food of Honduras), the best places to try these are by Lidia's baleada stand at the main crossroads in town and the Seven Sea's restaurant. Do not bother to bring malaria pills because Malaria does not occur here on Utila, also don't bother to take T-shirts because you probably will get plenty of T-shirts after doing the Skid Row bar 'Gifity challenge' several times. Further advise is enjoy the time while you are here because time goes fast here and is over far too quickly.

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