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Camilla Ljungberg Daoust

"Utila truly was a biologists paradise with so many different habitats within a relatively small area. It was also great to learn about the unique local culture that makes so many long for the day they will return"

One of the Kanahau highlights of 2012,  a day spent searching for anoles with Dr. Jonathan B. Losos.

Dr. Jonathon B. Losos

"Utila is a herpetological wonderland, and many of the lizard species are unique to that island and little known. There are great opportunities to make new discoveries about these endemic species"

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Dr. Kerry Brondo

"I can attest to their impressive command of local flora and fauna, conservation policy, and sociocultural context"

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Dr. Stesha Pasachnik

"In the short time that Kanahau has been open, they have been incredibly productive in gathering rare information on the island's species"

Edward Gilbert

"I’d highly recommend a stay at Kanahau, to facilitate exploring the wonders of the island and to wholly understand their message of conservation"

Jennifer Stroh

"I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for experience in fieldwork, an adventure and the opportunity to live in paradise!"

Jonathon Fane

"Alongside conducting my own work I was given countless opportunities to help out with the other studies on bats and iguanas, granting me a wealth of experience in several fields of biological research"

Maja Zonjic

"We all knew that the Kanahau team would be the right choice in terms of their exceptional knowledge base, but also the perfect fit due to their conservation ideals and personalities, which matched ours"

Martijn Van de Schoot

"A fun atmosphere is the core of Kanahau. For me this is a really important part"

Nadja Santer

"They have their heart on the right place and are trying very hard through Kanahau to make Utila a better place for all the species of the island"

Thijmen Scholten

"Enjoy the time while you are here because time goes fast here and is over far too quickly"

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